Cost Effective

Our state of the art technology platform is more affordable than you think.  ITN offers a range of plans to fit every budget.  Choose and pay only for the services you want.  Our Free Trial Program makes evaluation of our Tests, Assessments and ATS easy.  Our support programs are second to none.

Self Learning Systems

The more you use the system the smarter it gets.  As you build your data base of selected applicants and their resulting performance metrics the system learns.  It captures data to help you find and identify the right person for the right job.

Automated Process

Replace manual posting and review of applicants with an automated and intelligent process.  The ITN Hire platform lets you engage the power of AI in your ATS system or ours.

Save Time And Make Better Hiring Decisions

Automatically connect and analyze all of your candidate and performance data

to provide the insights you need to maximize workforce performance.

No Bias Screening

Use our data backed set of questions to identify high potential candidates.  We provide the insights and questions that help you to establish common metrics and reduce individual bias.  Let ITN analytics assist your selection process.

Reasons To Use Workforce Analytics

Engage the Power of AI Insights