Our Three Component Report Does It All

Our "Ready to Go" Test Modules Make Testing Easy

Our full range of tests is designed to give you a quick view of the job candidates strengths and weaknesses                 relative to the job position.  

Section Two: A Detailed Report

Description: The detailed report includes a brief narrative for each section.  The narrative provides a description of the measure, the applicants score and what the score means about the applicant.

Section One: Bar Graph

Description: Each report comes with an easy to read bar graph.  The graph uses a three color-coded score to highlight performance ranges.  Scores offer easily discernable guidance as to potential performance. You can overlay your own target ranges on each graph.  Each target range is fully customizable.

Section Three: Responses & Interview Questions

Description: Each report comes with the candidate's response to each question.  A follow- up question is generated to guide further discussion around the response.  

Our state of the art software platform provides ease of delivery, skill-specific customization, applicant comparisons, and benchmarking along with our sorting and reporting features.

Administer Test Remotely or On SIte

The ITN Hire testing platform allows you to test candidates on your website or remotely with the use of an email link.  

Choose a Test

Browse through our list of "Ready to Go" tests or choose the combination of tests that best fits your needs.  Alternatively, let us help you.  We can assess your workforce and tell you what attribute measures are most important to the achievement of your company goals.  

Test Results Are Available Immediately

Tests are scored in real time and emailed to you immediately upon completion.  Results are also stored in your ITN Hire ATS or separately in the ITN Hire Dashboard. Here your results can be viewed, filtered and downloaded.  

Assemble Our Test Modules To Meet Your Specific Needs