Know Who to Hire

  • Develop a Job Success Model
    • Relate Attributes to Results
  • Create a Workforce Selection Factor Guide
  • Develop Online Interview Questions
  • Evaluate With a Holistic View

The ITN "Hiring Manager" Training Program

Know How to Hire

  • Develop Standardized Interview Questions
    • Job-Related
    • Situational Questions
    • Behavioral Questions
  • Confirm Skills With Assessments
    • ​Technical Skills
    • ​Psychometrics

Your Ultimate Training Guide for ​Hiring Success

Know Your Biases

  • Sources of Interview Bias
  • The Personality of Job Types
  • Your Personality Biases
    • The "Bias Awareness" Assessment
  • The Need for Adaptability

Measure Results and Improve

  • Quantify Your Hiring Predictions
  • Monitor Your Performance
  • Capture Your Data and Optimize
  • Learn and Improve

Know the Law

  • EEOC Legal Requirements and DOL Guidelines
  • Protected Classes Definitions
  • Unlawful Questions
  • Culture Fit
  • Adverse Impact