DISC and Motivator Assessments 

While ITN offers over 100 different types of assessments and tests, DISC and Motivator assessments are among the most widely used by many of the world's top coaches and Fortune 500 companies.  By using the combination of these two assessments you can apply both what you have learned about the respondents' emotional needs (via DISC) along with the core values that matter most (via Motivators).  Our reports are easy to read and provide scientific insights to help communication and collaboration among individuals with different styles. To see a sample report simply click here.  

ITN Hire - Applicant Tracking System

ITN Hire is state of the art software that automates your recruiting and hiring process.  Easily recruit, assess, prioritize and hire candidates with insight and confidence.  Our artificial intelligence programs provide you with a system that learns and improves as you use it.  An overview of the software is here.   To learn more visit our website at www.itnhire.com.  

Our AI software platform and data analytics combine with human insights to deliver superior results.  

Benchmarking DISC and Motivator Assessments Using AI

Presented in January of 2018, the presentation outlines the use of multiple assessments for the prediction of workforce performance metrics.  Data results related to Call Centers, Auto Sales, and Retail Store Managers are presented. To see the presentation simply click here.


Pre-Employment Testing - Hire With Confidence

ITN pre-employment tests help you to identify and onboard your most qualified candidates.  Our easy-to-use system will enable you to quickly identify your best job candidates.  Our comprehensive library is available to deliver insights for any job type.  Use our off the shelf tests or we can create a custom test for you. To see a sample report simply click here.  

Artificial Intelligence:  The HR Game Changer 

Published in the February 2018, HR Professionals magazine, the article provides an overview of how ITN uses artificial intelligence to build insights into a large workforce.  Learn how to relate employee attributes to aggregated performance metrics.  Process steps are defined and sample results are given.