We Identify Your Best Candidates Before They Interview

What skills and attributes of your workforce enable high performance?  ITN Analytics experts will use the latest in AI technology to relate the job skills and behavioral attributes of your current workforce to your unique performance metrics.  The analysis is complex but the results of our Success Model are simple and easy to use. You will know who to hire before you hire.  


  • Find the job talent you need quickly and easily.
  • Our On-Line Job Skills Survey is an easy to use questionnaire.
  • The job skills survey is based on workforce analytics and our talent discovery algorithms specifically designed for your workforce needs.
  • The online interview takes about 4 minutes and covers a range of job-related skills including:
    • Level of education.
    • Prior job experience.
    • Behavioral style.
    • Motivators.
    • General aptitude as related to the open position.
    • Questions directly related to performance data.


              Improve Profits

              Reduce Turnover

ITN helps you improve employee selection and performance through the use of assessments, performance metrics and machine learning methods.  Our insights and process are designed to help you improve productivity and reduced turnover.  ITN Services include:

We Use a Data-Based Hiring Process

Know who to hire and eliminate bias by linking our assessment and test results to your key performance indicators using the ITN Success Model.   How do you know which pre-employment test to use?  How do you interpret and compare results?  What traits are required for the job?  Our artificial intelligence algorithms provide the answer.  We evaluate your workforce performance metrics and find the precise assessments and tests that can predict your needed results.


  • Unlimited job listings on your branded career site.
  • Up load resumes.
  • Track all job applicants' status across multiple locations and for multiple positions.
  • On-line application and job skills interview.
  • Automated application review and candidate scoring.
  • Customized and automated email notifications at every step of your process.
  • Controls for sending out additional assessments.
  • Downloadable data.
  • Link to your companies HR data base.

We Make Hiring Easy With Our State of Art Applicant Tracking System 

Unbeatable Performance

Built for business and designed for humans, our Workforce Intelligence Platform

​makes it easy to hire and develop your workforce.


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