Skills Testing

Evaluate the job specific competencies of your candidates with our job skills tests.  We offer specific testing for industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and retail.  We also have job-specific skills tests for nearly all job types.

Behavior and Motivator Testing

 Each person has a unique makeup that can be identified and related to job requirements.  Assessment insights help to place the right people in the right jobs.  Behavior and Motivator assessments are the most widely used tools for gaining this information. 

Customize Testing For Your Specific Needs

Anyone can find and administer a test or an assessment but what do the results mean?  How do you know if the resulting data is useful?  ITN takes the guesswork out of data analysis.  Our process will administer a number of selected tests and assessments to a sub-population of your workforce.  The results will then be linked to key performance metrics using artificial intelligence.  From the data, we will then construct a specific test designed for your specific needs.  Best of all the test results can be evaluated over time.  Our artificial intelligence program will then tell us where and how to improve test questions.

Aptitude And Thinking Styles Testing

 Studies reported in the literature indicate that assessment of cognitive ability is one of the best general predictors of job performance. We have a full range of aptitude and thinking style tests.

Achieve Better Results With Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment testing helps to take the guesswork and bias out of employee selection.  Let us help you find the tests most appropriate for your workforce.  Our Success Model uses artificial intelligence to relate testing results to your key performance metrics.  We have a complete library of tests.  Let's us help you find the tests most appropriate for your workforce.    

See Our Testing Services Catalog

Are you interested in trying our tests?  Would you like to compare our testing services and features to alternative programs?  Simply request a free trial below and we will set up a fully functional testing system for you. 

Hire With Confidence

ITN offers the next generation of testing and test methods.  We make it easy to find great employees.  Our pre-employment testing provides you with insights that help to predict a candidate's job success.